Pharmacist Role in Medical Device Development

Posted: March 8, 2009 in Dunia Farmasi
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Pharmaceutical care this time have progressively expanded besides orient to product (product oriented) also orient to patient (patient oriented) along with increased people awareness for the importance of health and culture friction from rural to urban that causes increased of free drug consumption, cosmetics, health food, nutrition, and herb drug consumption.

Various demand in society become a challenge for the development of pharmacy are: Pharmaceutical Care, incidence of new disease and change of disease pattern, the increasing of drug abuse and depend on psychotropic, pharmacist as doctor partner, pharmacist as underwriter levying of drug, pharmacy industry growth of drug delivery system, and development of medical device.

Progress in technological instrument of regencies, support clinic laboratory science. Synergism interaction of biomedical, pharmacy and biotechnology have borne opportunities in creating new methods of clinic laboratory science. Usage knowledge of laboratory diagnostics and medical equipments is capital for the progress of health laboratory and need human recourse which is competence.

Health equipment is material, instrument, machine, implant, which not contain drugs, which uses to prevent, diagnosing, healing and lightening disease, take care of ill people and also decrease human health and/or forming structure and repairing body function.

Thus, to make balance of health appliances development, pharmacist should always learn, read, and look for the newest information about medical device, because that is become one factor of assisting success of therap

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